Have you ever encountered fears relating to trust in your workplace that have created large and small barriers to connection, impact, authenticity, and powerful relationships?

Tressa’s presentations elevate the culture of organizations through cognitive intelligence, psychological safety, and use of key neuro-significant indicators for deeper connections with ourselves and each other.

Recently awarded “Most Impactful Presentation” at a speaking event with Gary Vaynerchuck, Steve D. Sims, Natasha Graziano, Tom McCarthy, David Meltzer and Paul Mort

Speaker Topics + Interactive Experiences
  • Life-Work balance
  • Quality of our lives fully lived
  • Success and profit while truly serving our mission
  • Correcting the course in complex areas of weakness and difficulty
  • Having those very challenging conversations so we can grow
  • Inclusive human-centric global, community, organization and interpersonal culture
  • Growth and learning so we can create a better world with better leaders and a better future
Prior Speaking Engagements
  • Guardians Alliance
  • Veterans Health Administration
  • Special Olympics
  • Superwoman Summit
  • Steve D. Sim’s Speakeasy NYC
    …to name a few
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