Do you want a keynote who will work hard to support your vision for this event and not just show up to do their talk?

As an award-winning keynote speaker, I support your intention and expertly guide memorable EXPERIENCES to improve how your audience and teams practice and grow their ability and potential in real time.


We’re better together and I am not a spotlight filler with a monologue. I create immersive experiences of bringing our whole selves to life, work, and relationships. I teach the tools to create amazing leaders at every level and I believe we are actively living our legacy, but we have choices to make about the quality of our brief time in this life and the impact of our connections.

How do I craft engaging experiences from the stage?

I do not have a canned talk for you. I create powerful experiences. Your people will understand how to apply the keynote experience to their daily lives and you will hear about and see the lasting impacts. When we give people the tools to use neuro-cognition: the science of how we learn, have emotional connections, and remember, we give them the ability to connect, be more present and use their power as better human beings together. Everyone leaves the room changed and hopeful, curious and able. Together, we create the leaders people want to follow, we repair relationships, and we change the world.

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How Do I Work?

To be memorable, we have to be engaging and just edge-pushing enough to get a little uncomfortable. This is the opportunity for growth. I am a multi-million dollar medical staffing corporation founder, minority female business owner, leadership consultancy co-founder, mom of three girls from the foster-adoption system, and international author. I have worked with rockstars to government agencies, and I absolutely know how to change the energy in the room and create psychological safety to get people to feel what’s personally true, trust themselves, and listen to each other – so we can change the world together.

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We’re better together and I am not a spotlight filler with a monologue. I create powerful experiences of sustainable success and connection for leaders, teams, boards, marriages, and families.




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  • Leadership at Every Level
  • Presence, Benevolent Power and Connection
  • Improve your life, work, and love


Creativity and Connection: How to Not Die Alone

  • How connectivity and creativity make babies
  • Specifically for creative and visionary leadership and teams


Listen Leader: The Only Way to Be a Leader We Want to Follow

Based on 25 years of inclusive leadership, failures, successes, consulting, and neurocognitive research for my book coming out Spring 2023; Listen Leader: How To Be The Leader We Want To Follow

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