Become the leader that people want to follow
  • 1:1 or executive team
  • Grounded in neuroscience
  • Connect your mission with key life and work strategies
  • Strategic support in professional and personal growth
  • Typical outcomes for clients are amplified success in work, fixing the reasons you have everything you thought you wanted but still aren’t happy, and improved personal relationships.

For executives and directors, Tressa works one-on-one with a select few clients to develop truly exquisite leaders. This highly tailored leadership development opportunity is science centered and grounded in:

  • Neuro-cognitive science
  • Over 20 years of experience working with leadership and teams
  • On-the-ground urgency of integrating purpose and delivery with accountability for everyone around you

Requesting to work with Tressa means you’re ready to fix your problems in all of your relationships, take a hard look at your blocks to success and make active choices to take the right steps through them, and expand your definition of fully living.

Tressa cultivates the leaders your intelligent and visionary people want to follow. ​

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