Short and long-term engagement experiences and interactive learning series
  • Grounded in neuroscience
  • Anchored with the practical magic of 25 years of being able to see and demonstrate how the pieces best fit when we work better together in creative, tech, legal, medical, manufacturing and education systems

For organizations, Tressa collaboratively implements lifecycles leading to elegant exits. Together, you will develop connected, capable, and optimized teams; reducing turnover and resulting in optimal exits with positive reviews.

With an extensive background in neuroscience, human behavior, corporate to start-up business acumen, and how to create genuine connections, you’ll receive training and support for inclusive sustainable ecosystems from the inside. You will know exactly how to be the company your people want their friends to work for.

Tressa isn’t simply here for your money and a few moments of success. She is here for a better world.

Her impact and ability are helping executives and groups ask and answer hard questions to grow as individuals, teams and creative cultures

  • Guiding Inclusion
  • Optimal service delivery
  • Dynamic performance outcomes
  • Improving lifecycle management through Elegant Exits (book co-authored with an HR legal strategist and successful chain restaurant HR leadership, available Fall 2022).
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